Web Design

“In today’s information age of marketing and Web 2.0, a company’s website is the key to their entire business.

– Marcus Sheridan, Marketing Speaker

Think of your website as a valuable employee. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your website has a job to inform, recruit, and sell, and you pay it next to nothing for these services. How well does it do that job?


We are here to help you implement tools that allow your website to do its best possible job. The Blü World Inspired website building process understands that your website is one of your most valuable resources, and we feel it should be treated as such.

Define Goals


Not all websites should or do have the same goals. Some websites are meant only to provide information, some aim to recruit interest to a cause, and others (a majority) aim to sell or convert users into customers. Using these three categories, we help you break down your business goals into actionable website items. The entire website will be built around and aligned to these goals.

Understand Users


Understanding who you are trying to reach on the web will drastically change the function of your website. Understanding who your users are allows us to make decisions about your website based on how long users are expected to stay on your site, what users want to get out of your site, and how users will perceive your site. All these qualities and more will come together to determine what kind of user experience we are after.

Create Flow


After we have determined the goals for your site and what users we are targeting, we then determine what path to guide users through within your site. Do want to give users a choice, or do we want to direct them to a specific next-page? Do users need information first, or are they immediately ready to buy? Questions like these will guide us in developing a “desired user flow” that moves users through the site to your website’s main goal.

Measure & Manage


While it is important to predict who your users are and try to send them in the direction you want, it is even more important to measure these things after your website has gone live. This is especially important when using inbound internet marketing strategies in congruence with your website. Measuring the success of your website helps you understand what your consumers are actually doing and thus allows you to interact with them more efficiently.


We also help manage websites, whether we built them initially or not. With rapid advancements in technology, it can take less than two years for a website to be so far behind technologically that it becomes cumbersome for users or for managers of the site. Even if technology is not an issue, content certainly is! You likely wouldn’t hand out a brochure from two years ago, so why send someone to a website with outdated information? By constantly updating your site and keeping the information on it current, you retain more business and continually attract customers.